This is dedicated to all the kids like me.


Impossible Project. Fledge. on Flickr.

And here’s a bit for photographers to read:
I edited this to black and white in Lightroom because I didn’t like the warm tone that looked like the photograph had been stuck to the fridge of a chain smoker in the 70’s. Just my personal preference. I don’t like photos that look like that. I scratched the rest of the cartridge of this film.  
Impossible project has been somewhat good to me. I can’t lie. As a company, they’ve got great customer service and fun products, but as far as the film is concerned, I haven’t been too terribly excited about it. HOWEVER, they have a new color film out and I have high hopes for it. I actually inserted the new cartridge when I chucked the old one. 
I’ll see. You’ll see. We’ll see. I’ve got 40 shots of Impossible Film left. 
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